Presentation Tips: Tips on Public Readings Cont..

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Presentation Tips

Tips on Public Readings Cont….


One more thing to create:  One thing you should do is to write a very, short introduction before you begin reading the selection. Include the title of your work, a little about yourself. (Not too much, just a little.) To allow the audience a chance to get ready to hear the performance, the introduction should set the mood, the setting, any characters that maybe in the selection so the audience is prepared for what you are about to present.  Either the introduction should be memorized, or you should know it well enough to be able to present it extemporaneously.  The introduction is, “you”, the author/reader sharing with the audience, and not the performance of the selection.  You may want to let them know that there will be an open question and answer session after your presentation.  If you have scheduled a book signing, you may want to let them know that you will be delighted to answer any questions at time also. 



Now it is Time to Practice, Practice,  Practice!

·         Learn to hold your binder/book in one hand so that you have the other to gesture, and to allow you to use the fingertips of the other hand to mark your place on the manuscript.  This will also help you to maintain better eye contact. 



·         Try to make the page transitions as smooth as possible.  It is always advisable to turn the page before you get to the bottom of the page you almost ready to finish.  If you do not, and if you have several pages in your manuscript, it can become quite a distraction for the audience as well as take away from your presentation.



·         Begin by practicing on your own, timing yourself each time.  Once you are comfortable with your presentation, recruit an audience…friends, family… to listen to your presentation.  It is important that your audience will give you honest feedback.  Pay attention to them as you present your selection, watch their facial expressions and body language, and that will reveal a lot.  If you can, use a tape recorder and or make a video to self-critique how you sound and look.  Many times this will help more than what someone else tells you about your performance.



·         The big event has arrived and you are feeling nervous.  The best way this can be conquered is to be thoroughly prepared.  That you have practiced several times.  Think of the nervous energy as a source of adrenalin that you need to put into your performance to make it not just good, but great.

Just remember, your selection can take on new life depending on how you interpret its meaning, nuances, and vocal patterns.


Tips for the Book Signing tomorrow…

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