More Tips for the Presentation and Booksigning

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More for the Presentation and Booksigning

If you are going to have a booksigning after the reading, and I hope you do.  It is a great chance to interact with the reader’s on a more intimate level.  There is one thing to remember, if your reading/booksigning is being held at a library, and not being hosted at a bookstore, you will probably have to bring books with you if you wish to sell any.  Make sure you have checked ahead of time to make sure what is acceptable.  You can create a bookstore sell sheet on your book/s to give to the manager/event coordinator so they have some advance information. 

Find out what time you should be there, if they will have a table and chair set up.  Ask if when you should deliver a poster to them announcing the reading/booksigning.  Have business cards with you that are designed for you and your book/s.  (You can make them yourself with a word processing template and print them with a business card printing kit.)  I usually create mine and get them printed. (The last time I got them printed in full color, three hundred for just under $30.00.)  You can also do the same things with bookmarks.  They make great little gifts, and are appreciated by readers.   Get some free press publicity if you can.  (If you do not have a media kit, create one)  Email your friends in the area to let them know where and when. (It is always nice to have support even if they do not buy a book at that time.) 

Make sure that you show up early enough to have your signing table set up and ready to go before the performance.  Check the area where you will be performing.  Where will you stand?  Is there a microphone?  How many chairs?  How are the acoustics?  (I always plan on Murphy’s Law going into effect, so I want to consider all possibilities.) 

Once you have finished your performance, do not forget to remind the audience that they are welcome to stop by your table and ask questions.  This is a chance for you to have those individual moments that will give you insight into what readers like or dislike.  They are focused on you, you be focused on them.  Pay attention to each and everyone.  Find out if they have read anything by you.  If so, what?  What did they think?  What parts did they not like?  What do they usually read?  Why?  Who knows what ideas you will be able to glean for the next project circling in your head.

Just remember these events are not all created equal and do not always turn out like a happy ending movie.  According to the odds, you will get one that is not how you planned it.  Do not be discouraged.  Sometimes things happen and you do not get the crowd you had hoped for, so take a friend to have someone to chat with in between signings.  It is hard to predict how these events will go, they are live but that is what makes them so exciting.  Evaluate each one, critique yourself and make adjustments before the next one.  Each one you do adds to your experience, and a chance at getting better.  One of the most important things to remember for the event, if you hope to be asked back,  is to practice good etiquette even if you have to count to ten a few times. 

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