My Favorite Project – Bladder Cancer Awareness

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Bladder Cancer: Deadlier than Cervical Cancer. Why?

After a long, hard battle with bladder cancer, I consider myself blessed that I am able to live a normal life that is cancer free. For those of you who have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer, “there is a life on the other side.” Today I work a fulltime job as the coordinator for the GMC-Augusta Community College E-Library, Speech Communications professor, and a published author and poet.

Ever since the day I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I have interacted with many women who have also had the same experience as I. Most of them have had negative experiences in obtaining information or getting support. Far too many were diagnosed after the cancer had become invasive. The more I have interacted with the general public and with those in the medical field, the more I realized how little people know about bladder cancer. I find this truly amazing since bladder cancer is the fifth most prevalent cancer, and in women, it is as prevalent as cervical cancer. However, women are four times more likely to die from bladder cancer because they are too frequently diagnosed at a much later stage of the disease.

To be continued…

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