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An Underground Jewell

An Underground
and Pulse Points of a
Woman's World
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A Reader's Review:   I just read a newly release book, An Underground Jewell by Sylvia L.
Ramsey.  I found this book on Amazon.  Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down until I
finished.  It is an espionage novel set in the near future.  The plot kept me intrigued, there
were other mysteries along the way to be solved, and the main character was fascinating.  
I recommend this as a good read for anyone who likes mystery, espionage or even just a
good novel. I usually read Clive Cussler(adventure, Michael Connelly (Detective stories), and
John Gardner(spy),WEB Griffin( War and Spy).

This novel also reflects what William Lutz, a  Professor of English at Rutgers University in
Camden, New Jersey, talks about in his book, New Doublespeak: Why No One Knows What
Anyone's Saying Anymore, “As doublespeak fills our public discourse, we have become
more and more hardened to its presence. Our tolerance for doublespeak has increased
along with the growth of double-speak. While the simpler examples such as "sales
credits" for bribes and kickbacks, "mental activity at the margins" for insanity, and
"transportation counselors" for people who sell cars still usually elicit some contemptuous
remarks, the more skillful and subtle forms of doublespeak too often pass unchallenged
and unanalyzed. More importantly, they pass with no one calling attention to the way in
which they insult our intelligence, corrupt public discourse, and ultimately undermine that
which holds us together as a nation.”

The novel takes this current trend to manipulate language, and projects it into a future that
provides a scenario where a group of terrorists realize that they can use language as a
weapon to take control of our nation.

Reader Review posted on Amazon:  A fictional look into the future, that holds some
concern, March 24, 2009.  By  Kent A. Berridge "Love to read" (Middleburg, Fl USA)           
An excellent read for all.  Though a fiction, it smacks with a lot of truth of what the future
may bring.  As one reads it becomes rather apparent that this could all happen, and the last
page says it all. I enjoyed reading and had a hard time putting it down.  Hooray for the new
writer on the block.  

Email comment to author from Reader:  I'm about half way thru, and I am enjoying it.  So far,
all I can think is OMG this is kind of what may be happening to us now.  I am going to send a
message to everybody on my mailing list to recommend it to them.

An Amazon reader review, April 16, 2009
By  Sandra F. Crowley "book lover" (Ellsinore, MO, USA) -
This is an excellent book. It would interest people from 13-100 years of age. Although it is
fiction, so much of it could actually happen. Considering all the problems within our
governing bodies, it could be happening right now! I would recommend this book to anybody.

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Exciting Plot!



Behind the

Terrorist plot
than a
virus or worm.


September 11, 2001.  That was only the beginning of a reign of fear because this event spawned
attacks around the globe.  Since that time, various factions and organizations have tried to carry
off a diverse assortment of schemes to terrorize and conquer the nation.  The latest attempt was
by an organization known as the NNO, and even though their threat did not use armed weapons
or crashing airplanes, their success would have destroyed every concept, idea and value upon
which this country was established.   By accident, Elizabeth Jewell finds herself in the middle of
one of the most devious and frightening technology terrorists’ plots that one might conceive,
and finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue spawned by an organization known as the NNO.  
Will she be the accused, or will she be able to clear her name as those who are enlisted to help
her pursue the real criminals.

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A children's
picture book

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A fully
book of
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four pulse
points of
love, reality
Merchild Land
A sleepy time
children's  picture
"Language is the core of our society, it shapes the way we perceive
reality.  Change the words, and it changes how we understand the world
around us.  Today, the manipulation of language is all around us in every
field from the business sector, the medical field, the educational field,
the media and to the many areas of government.  My book explores a
possible future danger that involves an electronic centered world that
could allow for a mass manipulation of language leading the ability to
control the way people think.  This opens the door to control them."

Growing up in a rural area of Southeast Missouri, the child of a father
who was born in 1898, Sylvia feels that her interpretation of the world as
we know it spans several generations.  This influence can be seen in all
her work.  Sylvia Ramsey  is a Communications Associate Professor who
has always been intrigued with the power of language.  

Sylvia Ramsey’s  first novel to be published, An Underground Jewell and
the story of Elizabeth has been a labor of love.  Sylvia has been writing
all her life, and her first thing published was a news article when she was
the age of nine.  

She began, An Underground Jewell, Elizabeth’s story in 1990, but
husband became disabled, and she became a caregiver that delayed
completion of the story. Elizabeth’s story was further delayed because of
her battle with bladder cancer.  Since that time, she has been an
advocate for bladder cancer awareness, she created a message board
for women, the BCSisterhood, and is currently the Vice-President of the

Bladder Cancer Society.  Finally, after all these years, she has
been able to finish Elizabeth’s story.  

Most of her published work has been newspaper articles, poetry in
literary journals, academic writing, short stories and a prize-winning book
of poetry,
Pulse Points of a Woman’s World.  She was nominated  for the
41st. Annual Georgia Author of the Year Award.  Her book of poetry is
fully illustrated and it is poetry for the soul that expresses the joys and
woes of living. Even though it is more directed to women, the men who
have read her poetry disagree and say that it is for men as well.  They
also say that "the poetry gives them a better understanding of how
women perceive the world around them".
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